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Welcome to Project UF.

Home of The 90 day average to savage workout and lifestyle program from Craig Kaufman, former mma fighter, Crossfit gym owner, and dad to 3 stud athletes.

As a sports parent we are living a life that most on the outside would call us crazy for and we know they are right but we absolutely love it and wouldn’t change a thing. If you truly want to have it all in this life, success in the big 3 health, wealth and relationships, then you are my peoples so buckle up and keep reading.



I’m not trying to be an ass, but winning in 2 areas at the expense of one is not winning in my book. yet the amount of people I see sacrificing their health and fitness to give their kids everything is staggering. Ever since i started this journey, i refused to compromise. IT had to be family first, and I wasn’t going to lose my soul to make money. SO its been an uphill battle for the last 15 years, but by the grace of God and an amazing wife that refused to quit, the Krazy Kaufmans are still here rocking as a unit

It is possible to have it all...

As we progressed from newlyweds to business owners to parents of small children to sports parents, we battled and struggled with finding time to eat right, exercise, date nights, kids practices, making payroll, so we have spent the time in the trenches and we are not telling you anything that we haven’t lived.

It is possible to have it all, and it may be easier than you think. I’ve come along way since my last pro MMA fight in Atlantic City, NJ over 12 years ago now, but one thing that has never gone away is that health and fitness has been a backbone in my life.

It’s been a weapon or a shield that has allowed me to push mentally and physically through a lot of the ups and downs of being a young married business owner with kids.

Working with Dads is my purpose.

Now for the first time in 15 years, I’ve decided to take everything I’ve ever learned and teach other dads that are in the same boat. I’m passionate about dads because I am one, but also because I feel that the dad has so much power and influence in the family, that if he can get his shit straight, build his confidence, and be the man god is calling him to be, then he will make the biggest impact on his family, his team, and his customers.

Working with dads is my purpose. And when it comes to being a crazy sports dad that practices what he preaches, well I know my people because I am one of you. just because I had my last fight 12 years ago, doesn’t mean I retired from the game. Being a dad means being weaponized, Being a savage. Its part of our identity. If you are missing that piece, then adding it back in is going to give you the biggest return on investment of anything I can think of.

Let's Go...

When you Put in the work, You EARN RESPECT.

Nothing gives a dad more swagger than knowing he can take off his shirt at the beach and not be ashamed. Because its not rented swagger.

You can take the custom suit off, and lose it.

You can hop out of the benz or porsche and lose it.

You can walk away from your hot wife with her LV bag and lose it, just be a pudgy dude sitting there by himself.

But when you have put in the work in the gym and in the kitchen, you have respect from everyone, other alphas, your wife, hell even your kids!

Let me tell you a story about one of my clients and see if this resonates…

Meet Blake... Sound Familiar?

Meet Blake. Sports dad extraordinaire.

2 boys in hockey. Successful attorney. On the board for the hockey club. This guy is winning.

He’s involved and he’s providing his kids opportunities. He’s got great relationships with his boys and his wife. Life is good.

On the surface it looks perfect. Going on weekend tournaments trips, watching the boys play, throwing down beers with the other dads. Eating on the go. Driving to practices 45min away in the next suburb over. Stopping for culvers or chik-fil-a on the way home. over and over again.

It’s like a record on repeat and all of a sudden, he looks down and hes got a full blown dad bod. For those of us in the grind, we know how easily the weeks and months slip by.

It sounds so cliche but the saying the days are long but the years are short is so true.

Before too long these boys are going to be in high school and they if they are lucky, one of the 1% they may get a chance to play the sport they love at the next level.

And Blake, just like me and just like you, thinks this pace is just a lot right now, I’m doing what I can but as the dad, I can’t take time for me, I can’t focus on myself, I’m working and when I’m not working I am running around with these kids.

Someones gotta pay for all this damn equipment and this ice time. Sound familiar? The amount of hours in a day aren’t enough it seems to do it all, but I will have you consider that not only is taking time for yourself critical to you living your best life, but its critical for your boys and the rest of your family too.

Let's Go...

What do you mean, Craig?

The way you show up in your physical body is the number one thing you can do to show the universe that you mean business.

It’s the way to show gratitude and truly honor your creator for the life you get to live.

It’s what your kids see about how you feel about your identity and its how they form their identity.

If you think little jonny is going to go D-1 because you paid for privates and you can sit back and pound beers while he busts his ass, you are living in a fantasy world.

Kids follow the example that is lived out in from of them, not what they are told and taught.

Its what’s caught and witnessed on a day to day basis that is going to create what they think is the way a man is supposed to live. if you work your ass off and never spend any time taking care of your body, then you are leading by the example that they don’t have to take care of things, they can abuse them and the problem with the human body is you only get one.

Enough is Enough.

Blake came to me and said enough is enough. He didnt want to be that dad anymore. He wanted to be more.

So he committed for 4 months, put his money where he hadn’t before, on himself, and rolled up his sleeves.

He got the plan, he put it into practice immediately. He made the changes we discussed. All while taking hockey trips, going through holiday season, and even having his in-laws living with him! He still had some beers with the dads, but much less, because he didn’t want to waste his calories mindlessly.

He still ate chick-fil-a with the boys, but he knew what to order to stay on track. He still have holiday meals, he entertained clients, he lived his real life. He even went to the bulls game last week and had a couple beers and still crushed his goal.

Putting in Work...
It Works!

Another SET of clients crushing it.

Since November, Blake’s down 20lb. and 6% body fat. hes cut over 24lb of unwanted fat from his body, a lot of it right from his midsection and if you know anything about visceral fat, this is not the place you want to be carrying that extra weight. fat around the organs is directly correlated to higher risk of all the deadly lifestyle diseases that kill 100,000s each year.

So Blake’s got a routine, hes getting stronger, his kids see his better choices and ask questions, his waistline continues to shrink, and hes still crushing it as a sports dad. So my question to you is simply this: What’s your excuse that’s more important than being the dad you want to be for your son this year?

I'm taking 7-10 Sports Dads... That's all.

I’m taking 10 sports dads. only 10! This is all I can handle right now and still give amazing experience and value to. I still run my gym in Naperville, and I still have 3 kids of my own including a level 9 gymnast and a ’28 grad year lacrosse player on 3 teams including the highest level national team for his organization. And my little 7 year old dude just started my old sport, wrestling Because my space is limited, I am not working with everyone. I’m sorry but I’m happy to refer you to some amazing colleagues int eh fitness industry if you are not a good fit.

Dads: click the video above to listen to my clear and proven plan on how to turn you from average to savage.

You’re busy, so I’ll summarize what you need to know:

  • I’m only offering this project to less than 7 highly motivated men in the area. You’ll get my direct attention and you’ll get results. I have to cap this at 7, so contact me ASAP.
  • I’m looking for busy, working dads. I can help you. This program is for you.
  • The program works — I have dozens and dozens of current success stories to share with you about real (busy) men getting shredded and changing their mindset.

Watch the video where I quickly outline the 4 steps, then complete the form so we can get started. Let’s do this.

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